• A total eclipse of the Super Blood Wolf Moon occurs this Sunday, January 20, starting about 7:36 p.m. PST, when the Earth begins to shade the moon. The shadow will cover the moon around 8:41, for about an hour. (Since Pacific Standard Time stretches from Arizona to the ocean, to pinpoint the exact time in Johnson Valley is beyond me.)

Early colonists and native tribes called the January full moon the Wolf Moon for the howling they heard at that season. Its close approach to Earth makes it look larger than usual, so it’s a supermoon. It’s also a blood moon because of the reddish tint it takes on when traveling through the shadow of the Earth.

So, you will look up at the Super Blood Wolf Moon this January. And super stars.

We have an excellent open view near the Community Center, no houses, trees, or mountains. If you come out an hour or so early and position yourself facing away from the direction of the sunset, you can see the moon looking super big as you watch it rise, magnified by the Earth atmosphere.

Unless, of course,  cloud cover moves back in.

• Aside from all the other taxes being planned for us, we still have the County Fire parcel tax hanging over our heads.

Aside from applications for over 5,000 acres of industrial-scale renewable energy projects already in the hands of County Land Use Services, we still have the fight to get protective language as approved by the Planning Commission to preserve our desert communities, to be approved by the Board of Supervisors at this January 29th meeting.

We have a new Third District Supervisor, Dawn Rowe. What message will the Homestead Valley Community Council pass on to her about your opinions and your concerns for our unincorporated communities? Come to the HVCC meeting this Monday, January 21, and weigh in on the Fire Tax and the County Renewable Energy policies.

HVCC gives residents and property owners in Johnson Valley, Landers, Flamingo Heights, or Yucca Mesa the advantage of a combined voice to address County, State or Federal officials.

Not only that, when County Fire, Calfire, or Sheriff’s Department representatives are available, they are happy to give us updates and answer questions.

See you at Landers Belfield Hall, 58380 Reche Rd., Monday, January 21, at 3:00 p.m.

Go east on Scenic 247, turn left on Reche. Go past the Post Office, Belfield Hall is just a short distance on your left.

• Remember when you come to the Community Center to get tickets for the drawing for the Dyna-Glow gas outdoor grill cart, donated as a JVIA fundraiser by Home Depot Yucca Valley. We showed it in the Journal, and it’s on display now in the hall. Check it out at Saturday Breakfast, 7:00-10:00 a.m. or any event.

Each ticket costs only 1.00, or get 6 for 5.00. Get a few each time you visit, improve your chances!

Drawing is on May 4, during our Cinco de Mayo Fiesta. If you can’t be here that day, be sure to write your name and phone number on your tickets!

• Dr. Chris Lawrence is available for house calls in Johnson Valley this weekend: Friday, Saturday and Sunday, January 18, 19, 20.

His mobile chiropractic care vehicle carries three sizes of portable tables, therapeutic ultrasound, vibratory massage, hot packs, and ice packs. Call or text for an appointment, 760-810-2443. Or schedule an office visit in Apple Valley if you prefer.

Are you a 2018 member who has not yet signed up? Be sure to do it soon, see the attached application form to print.

Please mail in the application form to Helene, whether you are paying your 2019 dues with a check, or by secure credit card PayPal payment on www.johnsonvalley.com.

Or pick up your application form on the lobby desk at the Center, to fill out and give to the cashier with your dues.

E-Mail address: If you want to continue receiving this JV NEWS e-mail between Journals, be sure to print your e-mail address plainly on your application form.

Friday 1/25 - Gate Opens
Friday 2/1 - Hammertown Opens
Saturday 2/2 - UTV Qualifying
Sunday 2/3 - UTV Race
Monday 2/4 - 4500/4600/4800 Qualifying & Monday Night Shootout between Rock Bouncers and Ultra4 Vehicles.
Tuesday 2/5 - 4400 Ultra 4 KOH Qualifying
Wednesday 2/6 - Every Man Challenge Race (EMC)
Thursday 2/7 - T1 Trucks - Toyo Desert Invitational Presented by Monster Energy
Friday 2/8 - Nitto King of The Hammers Race Powered by Optima Batteries (KOH)

• The King of the Hammers race that started it all happens on Friday, February 8th.  Considered the toughest one-day off-road race in the world, it has grown to be the largest off-road race event in North America, in terms of both competitors and spectators.

Combining high-speed desert racing and rock crawling challenges, KOH has expanded from one race to a series of five races, not only pitting the incredible Ultra4 Vehicles against each other and a grueling course, but also other classes of vehicles from nimble side-by-side UTVs to desert trucks.

Most races from 2018 return for this year, including the popular Every Man Challenge and the uproarious Monday Night Shootout.

New for 2019: a T1 Desert Truck race, the Toyo Tires Desert Invitational Presented by Monster Energy on Thursday, February 7th.

• We have been asked several times by local KOH fans, but we doubt JVIA will have entry wristbands again this year.

You can order an Advance Entry Pass online until January 20 for $20 per person, at www.ultra4license.com to enter Hammertown and the race spectator areas for every event during KOH week, Friday, February 1, through Saturday, February 9.

General Entry Pass - $30 at the Gate.
Kids 10 and younger are free!
Military Discounts - available only at the Gate with your Military ID
(Do not purchase these tickets online as all sales are non-refundable)
Active Duty - Free at the Gate
Veterans and Dependents - 1/2 off at the Gate ($15)

CAMPER PASS - $20 online or at the gate. This fee applies to any camping vehicle with living quarters, (i.e., RV, Trailer, Cab-Over, Toter-Home) entering Johnson Valley during KOH Week.
This pass is good for the duration of KOH and is required of ALL attendees of KOH (spectators, pit crew, teams, etc.) with a camping vehicle.
Camping is primitive and first-come, first served for spectators, outside of Hammertown. Registered race teams are assigned addresses in Hammertown.
The Camper Pass is a separate pass from the car/truck/pit bike parking passes required of teams that drive vehicles inside of Hammertown.

www.ultra4racing.com gives you LOTS of tips and info! If you want to get an idea of just how important KOH has become to off-road enthusiasts, fabricators, suppliers, and associated businesses, click on PARTNERS!

Click on SPECTATOR for the FAQ, rules, requirements, tips for first-time visitors to the lakebed, permits necessary for any OHV you want to bring in, food, vendors, camping, etc. etc.

CAUTION  Keep pets confined! Count on strange noises that could spook the most laid-back animal. If you do lose, or find, a wandering pet, post with a photo if possible on “Pets of the Hammers” on Facebook.
(Actually, this resource is useful anytime you might lose a pet out there.)

When going to and from the OHV Area from our community roads, do not travel on the Hwy 247 right-of-way, use the dirt trail that parallels it on the north side. Cross the highway legally and very carefully to get onto any of the community roads.

If you come up Larrea Road while in or on a green-sticker vehicle, travel on the dirt alongside the pavement.

• JVIA members receive the Johnson Valley Journal 6 times a year - this JV NEWS e-mail in between Journals keeps you up-to-date. You also get information, especially for JVIA members.

Space restrictions for the weekly community news columns in the Hi-Desert Star do not allow much room for these items. Also, the deadline is the Tuesday before Saturday publication - so not always the latest news. Anyway, many of our weekenders do not see the papers.

If you prefer not to receive the JV NEWS e-mails, just reply and say Cancel.

Everyone is welcome to every event at the Center! Johnson Valley Improvement Association members or non-members may join in on scheduled activities and special events!

The Center is available for birthday celebrations, family gatherings, weddings. No rent, just a donation to cover overheads, and that you leave it as you found it.

The recent rains not only give us some hope for a wildflower show this spring, but they also help the Paul Van Hook Desert Dreams Garden, next to the Community Center parking lot. The drought-resistant plants and trees have had time now to become established, Long showers have delivered moisture with time enough to soak in. So far, January freezes have done minimal damage.

Greening up comes at different times for different varieties. We wait a long time for some, which only start showing signs of life when days get longer and much hotter. Worth the wait.

As the weather improves, the Garden Railway crew can get out and do track maintenance chores, so we can see the model trains run.

Make sure kids do not enter the train layout; the track and model buildings are fragile, and repairs can be difficult.

The trains might run any Saturday, and maybe at other times, too. Ask when you come to Saturday Breakfast, 7:00-10:00 a.m. if the trains are running that day.

Johnson Valley Community Center
50567 Quailbush Rd.
Johnson Valley CA 92285

From Hwy 247, turn onto Larrea Rd,
go 1-3/4 miles up to Quailbush Rd. You see the building on your left at the corner.


Betty Munson


Johnson Valley Weekly Neighborhood News
by Betty Munson