• Saturday Breakfast To-Go is still going this week at the Johnson Valley Community Center, but we hope to open the hall by the next week!

The forecast says the temperature for this Saturday, May 30, between the breakfast hours of 7:00-10:00 a.m., will range from 58° up to 72°. So our ordering set-up outside the front door should be fairly comfortable. It should be nice in the Garden next door, too, for a breakfast picnic or just hanging out. Sorry, only our volunteer crew can enter the building so far.

Since the restaurants now have permission to open, we hope by next Saturday, June 6, we can let our breakfast guests come indoors to wait or eat. Or stay outside if you wish—your choice.

We do not have time, for sure, to be able to welcome you back for the First Saturday dinner (Maybe, July 4th?)

We still need to round up a crew to remove enough tables and chairs to maintain distance and conform to all the other “guidance” from the County. We will be following their guidelines. We're already using individual salts and peppers and creamers. We already fold the napkins the right way.

In case you have spent over two months under a rock with no TV, we will have a sign for you to read, saying:
1. Hand Sanitizer is available.
2. Please maintain 6' social distancing.
3. Please avoid unnecessary touching of restaurant surfaces.

Kim has already ordered a contactless thermometer, two automatic hand sanitizer machines – one for the customers and one for the workers – as well as lots of hand sanitizer. Our cooks and servers will wear masks. All during the shutdown, the building has been cleaned each week. So, are you ready to sit inside in air-conditioned comfort?

If you want to order breakfast in advance any Saturday, call ahead to Kim after 7:00 a.m., at 760-792-4555. Call back if the line is busy. While the Community Center remains closed, just drive into the parking lot or park on the street, and place your order at the cashier station set up by the front door. Lots of menu choices!

Menu, Saturday, from 7:00 a.m. until 10:00 a.m.
-Breakfast Burrito, 6.00,
two eggs any way, and your choice of bacon, ham, or sausage, plus your choice of:
-Hash Browns and Biscuit, or
-Pancakes, or
-Biscuits and Gravy, or
-French Toast
Large breakfast is 6.00; Small breakfast (one egg, smaller portions) 4.00.
Yes, your credit card is accepted.

This Saturday, your server will still bring orders outside, each with one coffee. Individual packets of condiments, creamer, and sweetener, and set-ups of utensils, are spread out on a table for you to pick up exactly what you want.

• Reminder, while you are here for breakfast, pick up your “Heart Bar and Johnson Valley Neighbors” book of local history, by JV homesteader Martha Coutant, 20.00 each. Give them to friends and family and share these remarkable tales of early cowboy and homesteader days in JV.

(The Morongo Basin Historical Society let JVIA have "Heart Bar" books at a discount, so you contribute to the Association with each copy you purchase!)

- Also, our friend and off-roading guru Rick Russell came by last weekend with 40 more of his Sidekick Bandana Maps. Good thing, too. Even with JVIA out of action most of the time since his previous delivery, they have been selling like hotcakes since we started up Saturday Breakfast To-Go. Better than hotcakes.

These big bandanas are silkscreened with a topo map showing the trails out in the Johnson Valley Off-Highway Vehicle Area. Perfect for tying around your neck, or onto the roll cage. Don’t leave home without it! Only 8.00; great for gifts, too.

-You can also shop for some JVIA specialty items, including that gadget-lover's 7-function ballpoint pen with both regular and Philips screwdriver bits, metric and inches rulers, plus a level, only 3.00 each, or 3 for 8.00. Or the guy-favorite brass cartridge case High Caliber Keychain Fob, 5.00.

Proceeds from these purchases go toward the upkeep of the Community Center, a good cause any time, for sure!

• Thanks to our friend Chuck Bell in Lucerne Valley for sending this Census update:

You should be getting the paper questionnaire if you have not filled it out already online. The Census Bureau is mailing them to as many people as possible and also dropping them off in some areas.

For info about being counted by mail or online, log onto:



Or check out:

• Jason Hansen, former JVIA Board member, now Director of the Homestead Valley Volunteer Organizations Active in Disaster (VOAD), sent this message:
VOAD will be hosting a food give-away for those that need it on the second and fourth Thursday of every month at Landers Belfield Hall.

Also, he announced a Red Cross Ready Training WebEx event online for Monday, June 8, at 10:00 a.m.
-In-person training at the Landers Association.
-Social distancing observed.

I will be forwarding Jason’s e-mail with the details to you shortly, in case your address is not on their contact list. Belfield Hall is only about ten minutes from Johnson Valley, just past the Post Office on Reche Road.

• I know many of our recent visitors have little or no awareness that people live here all the time. Please, remind your guests who like to explore in or on off-road vehicles:

- Slow down on the community dirt roads – maintained by neighbors where possible – anything over 25mph makes too much noise and damages the road surfaces while raising dust.

- Night riding is great fun, but today’s zillion-candlepower LED headlights are no fun when they light up our living room windows from four or five miles away. And worse when they come closer. Directed or shaded more downward to be able to see what’s up ahead would be great, but most are not. We know it’s hard to tell at night that the glare gets into someone’s home, but keep it in mind.

Many thanks!

Betty Munson

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Johnson Valley Weekly Neighborhood News
by Betty Munson